This weeks results, Wednesday September 25, 2019

How did you do this time?  Did you get the ladybug?  How about a red circle or black circle?  Did you get any of the shapes or colors?  Remember it all counts!  I have found that sometimes when I do remote view, I see a shape or color and my mind automatically tries to figure out what it is.  This habit gets in the way of really seeing what the target is.  For example, a person might see the red circle and decide it must be a ball, when in fact it is a ladybug.  Although the red ball would still be considered a "hit", you can see how wanting to identify the shape interfered with what the target really was.   In the future try to just record what comes to your mind without trying to figure out what it is and see what happens.  You might be pleasantly surprised!

We would love to see or hear about how you did, remember to leave your age and indicate the date the target was revealed.

Thank you for your participation and keep practicing!

To post: Simply select comment and write about what you or your child received and your experience in the comment box, once finished select post comment, you will be prompted to add your name (please add child's age). Then post!