Results for the week ending November 1, 2017


Here is the result for this week’s remote view.  What did you see? Were you able to see the pear or did you see a similar shape. How about the color? Receiving a remote view is usually a very subtle experience. Often when your eyes are closed at first you don’t see anything, I allow yourself to be comfortable with seeing nothing. When you allow yourself to see nothing eventually something will start to form. Allow this to happen without deciding what you are seeing, when you feel it is complete record what you see, Try not to judge it, often we get the shape and try to decide what it is then label it incorrectly. Here at Psi-kids we consider it a hit if you get the right shape. Practice being comfortable with seeing nothing at first, see if you improve your skills.

As always we invite you to post your results before or after the reveal date. Remember to leave your age and indicate the date the target was revealed.

Thank you for participating and keep practicing!