This weeks results, Wednesday, October 24, 2018

This we the target was a cute duckling.  Did you see it or something like it?  Maybe you saw a different kind of bird or an adult duck.  Did you see the color yellow?  Did you know that sometimes when we concentrate on the treasure chest we begin to see an image and our busy brain try's to decide what we are seeing?  When that happens our brains sometimes get it wrong.  If this happens to you, try again and this time just draw what you see, it doesn't matter if you can’t tell what it is, once you see the target you might be surprised that it is the correct shape!  Keep practicing, it’s really fun when you start to see the actual target!

See you next week!

This weeks results, Wednesday October 17, 2018

How did you do?  Did you see this xylophone with all of its colors or any of the colors?  How about a rainbow, rectangles, the mallets?  Similar shapes?  There are many things you might have picked up on this one, give yourself credit for any or all of them!

Share your results with us, remember to leave your age and indicate the date the target was revealed.

Thank you for your participation!

To post: Simply select comment and write about what you or your child received and your experience in the comment box, once finished select post comment, you will be prompted to add your name (please add child's age). Then post!

This weeks results, Wednesday, September 5, 2018

This week's Target is a green/blue slide.  Looks like fun, right!  There are many interesting shapes this week.  Did you get the slide?  Did you see the interesting shapes?  How about the colors.  If you saw any piece of this, you are doing great.  If not, don't get discouraged.  Ask yourself, did I try to figure it out? Did I clear my mind?  Was I distracted?  Anyone of these would make it harder to get the actual target image. Practice clearing your mind, make sure you have a quiet and calm area to practice and never give up!

See you next week!

This weeks results, Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Welcome back! This week the target is a tennis racket and a tennis ball. What did you see? Did you get both of these objects? How about one or the other. Did you get a ball? Maybe you saw the sun? Did you see something similar to the racket? Did you see the grid that the strings make or a square? Did you see the color yellow or black? Consider what you saw and the similarities to this target. Remember that our brains naturally want to "figure out" what we are seeing and sometimes that takes us in a different direction that what we actually saw.  Practice trying not to interpret what you are seeing and keep practicing!

See you next week!

This weeks results, Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Here are the results for this weeks remote view.  Did you see the daisy?  Did you get the color yellow or white?  Did you get any of the shapes?  The circle or the elongated ovals? Participation is the key, keep up the great work!

We would love to see or hear about how you did, you can post your results before or after the reveal date. Remember to leave your age and indicate the date the target was revealed.

Thank you for your participation and keep practicing.

This weeks results, Wednesday, August 8, 2018

This week the target was a cloud and lightning!  Did you see the cloud or the lightning?  Did you see the color gray or yellow? How about some of the shapes?  Circles, zigzags? We hope you enjoyed concentrating on it.  Did you know that when you practice Remote Viewing you are not only learning to see without your eyes, you are learning how to concentrate. Being about to concentrate can really be helpful when you are playing games, reading a book or talking to someone you like.

Thanks for joining us, see you next week!

Copy of This weeks results, Wednesday, July 4, 2018

This week the target is a rainbow with two clouds. This time there are many colors. Did you see the rainbow or the clouds? Did you see a curve? When practicing remote view sometimes if you take your time allowing the image to form in your mind you may get the whole image, sometime rushing only gives you part of an image or forces your brain to fill in what has not yet been received by your brain. Practice allowing the target to take shape in your mind without any influence from your thoughts.

See you next Wednesday!