What is Remote Viewing?

What is in this box?

What is in this box?


Remote viewing is the use of ones mental faculty to perceive and then describe an object, picture, and/or location, often called a Target, without the use of physical eyes.  Remote viewing is surprisingly not restricted by time or distance and can be achieved by anyone.  Remote Viewing is a learned ability and those who practice regular experience increased success. 




  • Every Wednesday a new item will be selected and placed into a box.

  • You are invited to remote view this item.

  • For instructions on remote viewing, click here.

  • Please share your results, include your age, date of participation and a written description or copy of your drawing. Click here.

  • Check back next Wednesday after Noon to see how you did! Feel free to comment on your results.

  • Begin again.

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“ Mystics for years have smiled mysteriously and told us we are limited by the world only because we believe that we are limited by it. That it is all illusion for our eyes to accept.”
— Richard Bach, author


Remote Viewing Objects

Remote Viewing Objects

Actual Remote View by a 10 year old.

Actual Remote View by a 10 year old.