Here's what Parents and Kids are saying about their experiences.


"As a result of learning Mindfulness from Elly in Kindergarten, my son has the ability to be calm, focused and ready to learn at school.  He is now in the 4th grade and has applied these skills in school everyday."



Doing remote view.

Doing remote view.

I was thinking that the energy that Elly showed us how to feel was powerful. It was neat that you can feel your own energy so easily. When Elly told us to bring back past memories and many of ours had circles in them; a Ferris wheel, a bicycle, a toy car, and the Spaceship 2000 ride at the Washington State Fair. It was amazing that so many of us thought of a memory with circles in them.

At the workshop, I saw a snowy mountain picture while I was blindfolded, using my ball of light energy to look inside the treasure chest. I drew a picture of Mt. Rainier. I was excited because I basically saw right through the box, because there was a picture of a snowy mountain.

Overall, my experience with Elly opened up a treasure trunk with many, many precious and new possibilities.

-Ocean L., Age 11

I had such a good time when Elly came to our youth class last Sunday. She read her book, Annabelle and the Domino and then she showed us how to feel the energy in our hands. I could always feel the energy quickly. It was funny how it felt, warm and tingly. We brought back memories from the past, but I saw a memory that I never had and learned that it could be from a past that was really long ago.

At the workshop we were blindfolded so we could use our energy to see what was in a treasure box. I got most of them partially correct. I was pleased by how much I learned about our powers and what I already knew inside of me.  Thank you Elly!

Very thankfully,

Ziya L., Age 10