PSI-KIDS BLOG September 16, 2015

One of the things I remember loving the most during childhood was listening to & reading  fairy tales. The first book my mother ever read to me was The Golden Fairy Tales.  I loved the stories of witches, wizards, cauldrons living deep in the forest and the stories of queens, kings, princesses and quests.  Perhaps it was my love for this which compelled me to live in the woods in Washington state, surrounded by douglas fir, mountains, hawks, coyotes, deer and fairies hiding in the underbrush.  There are mornings where the dew on the laurels reflects the light and I see countless gemstones glistening before me.

If you are reading this and live in the Pacific Northwest, you know what I am referring to. I never experienced nature this way while living on the east coast in New York. It’s just a different experience. Even the ground here has a uniquely musky smell after a rainfall.

While living here I felt compelled to write my children’s book, Annabelle and the Domino.

Annabelle went to a school which was nestled amongst 100 + year old douglas fir trees, tucked away in a remote town in the Pacific Northwest. Annabelle, like many young children, learned to see the beauty in her surroundings and learned to love the magic she experienced and lived.

    One of the most wonderful things in life for me is to be able to connect with that child within us, the one who loves magic, miracles, nature and being able to be one with the elements and protected from the technology surrounding us and dictating the course of our lives.

    I believe it’s vitally important for children to be taught to connect, respect and protect our natural environment. With the problems we are currently facing, I encourage you, no matter where you live, to go out and be a child again in the most natural surroundings you can find.

Take your children with you as you explore the sounds of animals or wind rustling through the trees.  Remember to teach your children to see, appreciate and cherish the natural beauty around them. And if you live in the city, take your children out to the country for these deeply rich and rewarding experiences. Get yourself and your family connected to our earth again. These are necessary ingredients for developing intuition and psychic abilities. I look forward to hearing your experiences and what magic you have discovered in your forests, where ever you may find them.

For more information about Annabelle and the Domino click here.