PSI-KIDS BLOG September 23, 2015

Perseverance and Persistence

This morning while on my walk, a butterfly landed on my hand. It then traveled up my arm, and the video is on facebook in case you’d like to see for yourself. It was very interesting when this happened, as I was just thinking about Annabelle, the main character of my book, Annabelle & the Domino, and how it was her patience, persistence and perseverance which enabled her to move the domino through telekinesis. The book, as many of you know, is based on a true account of an experience while I taught in the Pacific Northwest.

I was able to speak about my book with Brian Tracy, on his TV show, and how powerful our thoughts are. We spoke about my future work and this morning, as I was walking, I was thinking about my newest project, and how it will be coming to fruition and how it’s been patience and perseverance and “chronic” persistence, that brings us to our desired outcomes. Paul J Meyer said, “ 90% of those who fail are not actually defeated. They simply quit.” It’s so true. Statistics show, it’s that last 10%, the hardest part, the last hoorah, that has most people give up. It takes something to go all the way. It takes support and determination.

Over the years, I’ve done my best to instill this to the children I’ve taught. Determine what you’d like your outcome to be and go for it. Hold your closest dreams “tight”. Holding a dream tight means you do not share it unless you have to, or it’s at completion. When we share our dreams and desires with others the energy dissipates. It becomes thinner and less powerful. Holding the energy tightly to you forms it into a laser force of energy going towards its target.

Next time you have a dream or a goal, see it as your outcome and keep its energy “tight” to you. Practice persevering, patience and persistence and you’ll be amazed at your super special, Psi-Kids’ power. Teach this to your children. Its power is immense and they will thank you when they’re older.

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