PSI-KIDS BLOG August 5,2015

Empowering and Inspiring Your Child

Our purpose here at Psi-kids is to empower children. Children want to be understood, accepted and loved. They want to do well and achieve and it is genuinely their desire to please their parents and help. For parents, this may not feel like the truth at times, only truly, after working with thousands of children, over the course of 37 years, I can vouch for this being true. Children look to adults for guidance and acceptance.

A few years ago, I wrote an illustrated children’s book for kids of all ages, titled,   Annabelle and the Domino. I was teaching at a private school at the time, and genuinely inspired by the openness of the children to learn about their mind’s potential. One of the girls in my class really took the message of the book and shared the following with me four years after being involved in our Mindfulness and Intuitive Heart program. Here’s what she shared:

“This book sums up my life. If you believe in yourself, then you can do it. It doesn’t just go for moving objects, as Annabelle did, it goes for reaching to the limits and breaking through the limits our minds have set. Erase the thoughts you can’t do it. You have the potential, no matter what, if you just realize it. I don’t think any of us have realized how much our brain can do and how much potential we have. Annabelle and the Domino teaches us we can break through the limits. Just do it” -  Ziya Lauren

Ziya gets it. She was 8 years old at the time of this quote and 6  when Annabelle and the Domino first came out. She’s grown into a beautiful young 10 year old. She’s confident, knows who she is and is not afraid to speak up for her beliefs and trusts her judgement and intuition. She strives for the best. She puts herself out there, takes risks, and if she doesn’t succeed, she’ll go for it again and again. This is courage. This is self confidence. This is a psi-kid.

Our purpose at Psi-kids is to teach children how powerful they are. Through psychic games and activities we provide kids with immediate, measurable results demonstrating how powerful they already are. We then add Mindfulness & Intuitive Heart Development, equipping children with a language that fosters emotional intelligence and demonstrating our interconnectedness with one another on the planet. We teach children how to connect with their heart and others. It’s a beautiful experience to watch a child be compassionate, loving, caring, and confident.

This is what we wish for all children on the planet. We encourage you to join us. Why not participate with your child in our  weekly remote view, submit your results to us, and have fun.

If you are interested in hosting or scheduling a workshop in your area or your child's school, please contact us. We’re currently in the process of planning for September and October of 2015. We are also available for coaching. We’ve been working with experts in the field of neuropsychology and can provide insights with helping you create enhanced communication and new habits with your children.

The remote view weekly will be posted at 12 noon pacific time, so make sure to check your results from last week.

Enjoy your summer days and we look forward to hearing from you!
The Psi-Kids Team