PSI-KIDS BLOG August 12, 2015

Rituals and Routines For You and Your Child

School is starting or has started across the United States for many children. Sometimes we forget how important rituals and routines are for children as well as for ourselves. In the Journal of Child and Family Studies, Vol.14 No.3 Sept. 2005, research conducted demonstrated the use of family rituals and routines is directly linked to family health and psychosocial adjustment. The study reported lower results of child anxiety, health problems, including asthma in young children. It’s vitally important to structure and maintain routines and rituals for children from an early age on. Parents often times resist structures because they feel they don’t have enough time in the morning for themselves and these routines. With just a short tweak in your day, your outlook, and your morning routines, you will be providing your children with the support of enhanced self esteem, reduced anxiety and benefits to their overall health and a sense of security and emotional intelligence for their success later in life. Good habits, created and developed at an early age, will provide amazing results for your child’s future. I’ve provided you with a short 10 minute morning routine for yourself and your child that will benefit health and mental well being. With each of these three exercises, broken down to 3 min. each, you’ll have the perfect blend of a successful morning ritual they can use for the rest of their lives.

Have your child sit criss cross applesauce first thing in the morning. Then have your child do three minutes of deep belly breathing. We know the majority of people tend to breath very shallow and when we get nervous, anxious and upset, we forget to breath or go into very shallow breathing. Without oxygen we die. Doesn’t it make sense to teach your child to breath deeply so they can refer back to this for the rest of their life? At first your child may get dizzy breathing this way, guess what? That confirms not enough oxygen has been going through their system.

After the 3 min of deep breathing, have your child focus for 3 minutes on all the things they are grateful for. These can range from the home they live in, the bed they sleep in, their pet, the air they breath ( you get the picture). Research demonstrates gratitude opens the door for new relations, improves physical health, improves psychological health and reduces aggression and bullying, to name a few. I will address the entire conversation of the benefits of gratitude in our next newsletter.

The third chunk of these 10 min, each lasting 3 min, is to have your child, creatively visualize their day and what they want for themselves. What do they really want? Have them see this picture in their head. Do this for 3 minutes and you’re done! Both you and your child have created an amazing day with long term benefits.

We at psi-kids are here to empower you and your child. We are dedicated to fostering the seeds of your child’s greatness and looking to change the paradigms of our current educational system. If you are interested in attending a workshop with your child, to learn about the immediate benefits of mindfulness, intuitive heart and learning to trust and use your intuition on a daily basis, please contact us and we will arrange to schedule a workshop in your area.

We look forward to working with you and your child. Please check the website for this week’s remote view result and see how you did. We encourage you to participate in this activity with your child for various neuroscientific benefits.

Also, check the website in the next few days to see the video on the morning routine for creating your day.

With love and gratitude,

Elly and the Psi-kids Team

PS. Please share our work with kids, educators and anyone you know who is also committed to making a difference in a young person's life.