PSi-KIDS BLOG July 29, 2015


In last week’s Newsletter I mentioned why we show children how psychic they are immediately. This confidence booster provides a pathway for us to begin our greater and deeper work, which is to empower children and teach them how to tap into their own knowingness, learn to make healthy choices and learn to have a voice in a world where adults often times impose values and beliefs opposite to what a child intuitively knows as truth.

One of the many reasons I chose to leave the structure of the public educational system was directly related to my witnessing interactions with children, educators and administrators.

A few months ago I was hired to come into a 4th grade class as a substitute for the classroom teacher. It was a ¾ day position, which meant I met the teacher prior to her leaving for her meeting. She showed me a desk separated from the other children.

“John sits here”, she said. “He’s obstinate-defiant. He’s also very manipulative and will try to win you over”, she said, smiling at me. “He has a sheet to give you at the end of each unit. He gets a smiley face for cooperating and a sad face if he doesn’t”.

    “What do you mean by cooperating?” I asked.

    “If he participates and doesn’t annoy you and doesn’t refuse to do the work”, she said. ”He is very stubborn and angry and we have a lot of problems with him. Watch out for him”, and then she left.

I had some immediate thoughts about the entire exchange. I had just been set up so that I would view John as disruptive and hard to get along with. I was also told I needed to “watch out for him” and yet he was only a 4th grader! I figured I had a few choices right now, and I’d just let John be John and see what was going to happen.

    The kids arrived from their music class and took their seats. John was cooperative, pleasant, participated and I had absolutely no problems with him. I gave him a bunch of smiley faces on his paper and noticed there had been a sad face from earlier, prior to me being there. I asked John, “ Why is there a sad face here”.  He looked at me and said, “ I told the teacher I want to do the work by myself. She keeps telling me I can’t do it by myself and I have to work with the aid. I asked the aid to let me work by myself and she kept telling me no, I needed to have her work with me. I got angry and tore up the paper, and then the teacher had me leave the room”. He looked at me and nearly began to cry.

I asked, “ Did you think your teacher wasn’t listening to you?” He then began to cry and said, “ She doesn’t listen to me. She is always yelling at me and telling me I don’t know how to do it and I have to work with the aid. I want to do it by myself. I want to try and when I tell her I want to do it alone, she starts yelling at me. I’m so sad cause I have the same thing at home. I live with my grandma, ‘cause my mom can’t take care of me.

    Is a child who wants to do things himself and learn on his own really obstinate and defiant? Have you ever wanted to refuse someone’s help because you wanted to do it alone? John has been ostracized from the other children. He has been labelled and he is probably on medication to keep him from expressing his anger and frustration.  

    Before the end of the class, after the last smiley face had been placed on John’s paper, I pulled out my traveling treasure trove.

“There is an object in this box. I’m going to have you close your eyes and see with your eyes closed”. I then walked the children through a short visualization I use in my workshops. I had them draw what they saw. When I opened the treasure trove and revealed the feather inside the box, the children pretty much lost their cool. There was laughter and talking and sharing and animation. The kids were alive. John showed me his drawing, which looked a lot like a feather! He beamed and it totally melted my heart.

    “Can you come back tomorrow and teach us?, he asked. “ I like you”, he said and smiled.
    “I like you, too John”, I replied.

    “Let’s see if there is something you can practice saying to your teacher so that you won’t get in trouble with her again tomorrow”. We came up with a simple sentence he would share with her.

“ Mrs. Patterson, I would like to do the work alone. If I need help, I will raise my hand.”

I left  feeling saddened from the situation. The smile on his face, and his good bye hug, would be a memory and reminder of the work there is to do with children.

What happens to all the other children like John, who are misunderstood, made wrong, hushed, medicated and invalidated day after day in a system that does not support the greatness of our young people?

    Right now we are scheduling for the Fall 2015. We would be honored to come to your child’s school or an establishment in your community so we can begin working with you and your children. Let’s take the first steps together and allow us to demonstrate in a matter of minutes, the amazing power and potentials you and your children have within yourselves.

    Our introductory workshop provides the platform for this.You can reach us at: or call 1-516-639-0758 to set up your group’s session.
 We appreciate you all and look forward to making a difference in the lives of our future leaders. For those of you who participated in this week’s remote view, the target is up and viewable on our website. We encourage you to practice, participate and help us change the conversations in education and begin to create the new paradigms of the elevated consciousness we are currently living into.

 With love and joy!

The Psi-kids Team