Inspiring Innovation in Our Children

“The world will be saved by the western woman” ­ The Dalai Lama

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By Elly Molina

In 2009, standing at the Vancouver Peace Summit, the Dalai Lama s aid, “ The world will be saved by the western woman. For this to happen, let’s quicken the tempo of educating and encouraging our kids to pursue greater leadership roles and practice conversations with our kids that will teach them to support and empower each other. Wouldn’t it be amazing if our young men began supporting their female friends to seek employment in traditionally male dominated arenas. By implementing new thoughts, new ideas, and new conversations we can leave our forefathers conversations behind and generate new conversations with our children.

Ask a female tweenie what their dream career is and you’ll most likely hear they want to be the next Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, or Adele. According to the 2010 Population Census, there were 1,887,655 females under the age of 17 living in the United States. Some of our young girls will grow up and follow in the footsteps of our illustrious female vocalists and artists, still a significant number of the population will have to seek employment elsewhere. Here’s where we come in as parents and educators. We get to be shape shifters of our reality through our spoken words. The world is really crystallized thought and every great invention began as a thought.

What might the future look like for our children if we help guide and shape shift them towards new and innovative ideas? Let’s take a look at the world of aviation. Right now there are fewer than 5% female pilots worldwide and fewer than 1% fly the Boeing 777. It’s not that women aren’t capable of holding these positions, it’s more that young girls are not encouraged to pursue these paths because they’re not aware something like this exists as an option for them. A friend of mine flies a Boeing 777 and she is one chique, powerful mother and aviator! She’s a role model for young women and young men alike. Imagine if we have conversations with our young men to teach them to respect women who hold these positions rather than diminish or harass them for being in a male dominated world.

It’s time to inspire our children to let their creativity thrive and inspire future innovation!

If we want to be the shape shifters, movers and shakers of our society and the future of the world, we’re going to have to upgrade our conversations with our young people. Firstly, living life from the perspective of your thought crystallizes your world, will have you become mindful and conscious of how you use language. If we can learn to use language responsibly, we can begin to teach and guide our children to do so, too.

If western women are to save the world, as the Dalai Lama said, then we are going to have to begin educating our kids to see the connection between thought and language. We will have to put on our visionary hats and speak to them of possibility. We will have to help encourage them to enjoy creating and not shut them down.

Back in the early days of the space race, during the 1960’s, when NASA was looking to put a man on the moon, the average age of a NASA scientist was 28. The median age at Google is currently 29. Statistically, our innovators are usually between the ages of 28­30. Thomas Edison was 22 years old when he invented the light bulb. We’ve got to stay open to our kids’ innovations, their conversations, their thoughts. We’ve got to encourage them to begin speaking and creating from the point of generating language and innovation. Our job as mindful parents is to encourage and not shut down through language. If you really want to have more

meaningful conversations with your kids, start omitting a few words from your vocabulary. Here’s a short list and the reasons why:

1. How: When we ask how, our brains usually don’t have enough information to answer that question effectively. It can become a paralyzing word. It’s better to formulate a different question; for example, w hat would it take to…

2. Should: Whenever we use Should we are implying obligation. Sometimes, should makes others and ourselves wrong. It’s a punishing word that is easily replaced with more empowering words. You can replace should with could, choose to, etc.

3. But:  Automatically negates all that has been said before. Think of this sentence. “You really are great but you should eat your peas.” That is a heavy energy! Replace this with “You really are great and you could eat your peas.” Wow, what a difference this makes, especially if you’re speaking to your child. There is choice here and the punitive tone has been removed.

If the world is really going to be saved by western women, it’s up to all of us to educate both our men and women to empower and collaborate with each other to create a world of awe, wonder, respect, excitement, and happiness.

We can do this for ourselves and our children. It begins with setting a clear intention of what we want to accomplish. Do we want mindful, meaningful, inspiring conversations with our kids? Do we want to be the shape shifters of our realities? Do we want to inspire our young girls to enter into professions previously unavailable to them? Do we want our sons to encourage and respect our daughters? Do we want our daughters to empower and respect our sons? It begins with our intentions and our mindfulness of how we use language. I encourage you to begin today with your kids, your spouses, your friends and your Self talk!

Cheers to all innovative women, innovative men, and future parents of amazing men and women!



PSI-KIDS BLOG September 23, 2015

Perseverance and Persistence

This morning while on my walk, a butterfly landed on my hand. It then traveled up my arm, and the video is on facebook in case you’d like to see for yourself. It was very interesting when this happened, as I was just thinking about Annabelle, the main character of my book, Annabelle & the Domino, and how it was her patience, persistence and perseverance which enabled her to move the domino through telekinesis. The book, as many of you know, is based on a true account of an experience while I taught in the Pacific Northwest.

I was able to speak about my book with Brian Tracy, on his TV show, and how powerful our thoughts are. We spoke about my future work and this morning, as I was walking, I was thinking about my newest project, and how it will be coming to fruition and how it’s been patience and perseverance and “chronic” persistence, that brings us to our desired outcomes. Paul J Meyer said, “ 90% of those who fail are not actually defeated. They simply quit.” It’s so true. Statistics show, it’s that last 10%, the hardest part, the last hoorah, that has most people give up. It takes something to go all the way. It takes support and determination.

Over the years, I’ve done my best to instill this to the children I’ve taught. Determine what you’d like your outcome to be and go for it. Hold your closest dreams “tight”. Holding a dream tight means you do not share it unless you have to, or it’s at completion. When we share our dreams and desires with others the energy dissipates. It becomes thinner and less powerful. Holding the energy tightly to you forms it into a laser force of energy going towards its target.

Next time you have a dream or a goal, see it as your outcome and keep its energy “tight” to you. Practice persevering, patience and persistence and you’ll be amazed at your super special, Psi-Kids’ power. Teach this to your children. Its power is immense and they will thank you when they’re older.

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PSI-KIDS BLOG September 16, 2015

One of the things I remember loving the most during childhood was listening to & reading  fairy tales. The first book my mother ever read to me was The Golden Fairy Tales.  I loved the stories of witches, wizards, cauldrons living deep in the forest and the stories of queens, kings, princesses and quests.  Perhaps it was my love for this which compelled me to live in the woods in Washington state, surrounded by douglas fir, mountains, hawks, coyotes, deer and fairies hiding in the underbrush.  There are mornings where the dew on the laurels reflects the light and I see countless gemstones glistening before me.

If you are reading this and live in the Pacific Northwest, you know what I am referring to. I never experienced nature this way while living on the east coast in New York. It’s just a different experience. Even the ground here has a uniquely musky smell after a rainfall.

While living here I felt compelled to write my children’s book, Annabelle and the Domino.

Annabelle went to a school which was nestled amongst 100 + year old douglas fir trees, tucked away in a remote town in the Pacific Northwest. Annabelle, like many young children, learned to see the beauty in her surroundings and learned to love the magic she experienced and lived.

    One of the most wonderful things in life for me is to be able to connect with that child within us, the one who loves magic, miracles, nature and being able to be one with the elements and protected from the technology surrounding us and dictating the course of our lives.

    I believe it’s vitally important for children to be taught to connect, respect and protect our natural environment. With the problems we are currently facing, I encourage you, no matter where you live, to go out and be a child again in the most natural surroundings you can find.

Take your children with you as you explore the sounds of animals or wind rustling through the trees.  Remember to teach your children to see, appreciate and cherish the natural beauty around them. And if you live in the city, take your children out to the country for these deeply rich and rewarding experiences. Get yourself and your family connected to our earth again. These are necessary ingredients for developing intuition and psychic abilities. I look forward to hearing your experiences and what magic you have discovered in your forests, where ever you may find them.

For more information about Annabelle and the Domino click here.

PSI-KIDS Blog September 2, 2015

Mindfulness & Intuitive Heart are doorways to learning

Mindfulness and intuitive heart are the doorways to learning to develop intuition and psychic abilities. The mind needs to be quieted and the heart needs to be opened in order for us to hear, process, and interpret the messages picked up from our human satellite dish.

In the Mindfulness class, children focus on being in the moment. They learn to clear their minds of distraction and worries. This allows them to be more present at the tasks they are working on and it brings another dimension to learning .

Incorporating Mindfulness in the classroom has very real physical benefits as well. Scientists have learned how areas in the brain associated with learning, memory, emotions, as well as the immune system, are affected when children and adults consistently have a routine of mindfulness built in the structure of their day. One of the natural by products of mindfulness and intuitive heart is deep relaxation. Children learn to use these methods whenever they feel nervous or anxious. Intuitive heart meditations also teach gratitude for the natural give of life. The work provides children to learn about compassion, empathy, gratitude, deeper connections to all on this planet and an awakening of an intuitive understanding that everything, every person, every thought, every breath and pulse of the earth are all connected. It has been my experience that some children may begin to cry during an exercise like this. You may remind them how crying is both  cleansing and healing and  that the body needs both. Using mindfulness and intuitive heart, it becomes really easy for children to  take their focus elsewhere and project it to different parts of the planet. During the mindfulness, intuitive heart exercise, I would have children perform psychic healings on others, themselves and the planet.

Anyone who has been in a classroom or involved in our current educational system knows the ills plaguing it. Children are suffering because of our societal values, the pressure and importance of testing and achieving in a reality created by parents and educators who feel that higher test scores and falsely measured academic achievement equals power and success and a dream lifestyle. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We live in a made up reality, a reality where we create all through our consciousness. Learning how to tap into the psychic and intuitive abilities inherent in each of us will change the paradigms we have of our current educational system. It is only a matter of time and awareness.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Elly & The Psi-kids team

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PSI-KIDS BLOG August 26, 2015

Education: the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.

Nowadays, education is not what happens in most classrooms. What we are experiencing are countless children being schooled in parroting answers to the tests, providing teachers with answers they deem acceptable and no longer giving space for free thought and expression. In many classrooms around the United States, discussions and controversy are now viewed as insubordination and defiance.

Next week, right after Labor Day weekend, approximately 50 million students will attend public elementary and secondary schools. These children will be required to pass tests to get to the next grade and in my opinion, grades are a degrading way to evaluate knowledge and intelligence of our children. Most children’s self esteem will be affected during these years by peers, educators, grades, classroom work and an antiquated educational system.

What you can do as a parent is to provide your child with an education in mindfulness, intuitive heart and get them in touch with their powerful intuitive abilities. If we are not able to change the system our children are in, we can offer them new views, perspectives, and conversations about what is happening. We can teach our children to get centered when they are made wrong, invalidated and reproached for not providing answers that match the text book. We can teach our children to gain their self esteem through a knowingness of how intelligent they are and that their intelligence in not dictated by a grade. We can teach our children to speak up for themselves and defend their views without getting in trouble for subordination. We can teach our children to be independent, responsible, compassionate young people.

 Empower your child through practicing remote viewing. What an amazing gift this is to be able to see and know things intuitively. What an amazing sense of empowerment is provided through these activities.

 If you’d like to learn more about mindfulness and the intuitive heart work we do at Psi-Kids, please contact us at : It’s time for us to begin making changes within our educational structures and these begin with the conversations and the work you will be doing at home with your children.

Let us help you make this school year an empowering one for your children.

The Psi-kids Team