WHat Happens At Psi-Kids

At Psi-kids, we teach children to incorporate variations of mindfulness. They learn to master tasks and learn through focused and directed attention. We work collaboratively to enhance concentration, innovation, “knowingness,” and genius (using more of your mind creatively). Our mindfulness exercises teach children how to adapt, change, and develop their brains to achieve a heightened state of awareness. In doing this, children learn they are responsible for their own behaviors and responsible for their words and actions.

We learned that after following the exercises, the children were noticeably kinder, gentler and more loving toward each other and their environment. As we explored the power of mindfulness together, we also included psychic and intuitive development. Working with these children, ages 3-12,  I began to develop a passion and, later, an ability to teach psi-development. This is just the tip of the iceberg with what we do. To learn more about the program and my soon to be released book, please contact me directly.



Having Meaningful Conversations with Your Kids

Here's an article I wrote for a new and fabulous magazine. Enjoy and please share if so inclined: http://meaningfulmommag.com/having-meaningful-conversation…/

I have spent years creating and working on bringing together my knowledge and expertise in the psychic realm, educational realm, in neurolinguists and neuroscience. Together we can chart a course of action to help you and your child achieve the life of their dreams.
— Elly Molina

Visionary Neurocoaching For Parents

Over the past few years Elly has been fortunate to be both friend and student of some remarkable experts in the field of neuroscience and changing our brains.  Also, as a former educator and linguist, she studied neurolinguists and has a deep interest in neuroscience.  Elly recently completed a coaching program for both children and their parents. In this program she assists with teaching new verbal and cognitive skills.  She helps parents and children refocus their thoughts and teaches them how to create new outcomes based on neuroscience.

We encourage you to try our Introductory Session.   This session will assist you and your child to   become yourselves consciously, into new thought patterns and habits.  Affirmations alone are not enough to make these necessary changes without getting to the root causes and changing your brain’s chemical responses.

Help your child discover how their high focused energy and empowering beliefs are necessary components to achieving all the Psychic and Intuitive experiences once deemed impossible.  about this exciting new training, called Visionary Neurocoaching for Parents.

Elly is so excited about the results this program has been producing.  It’s time to share it with it you and your loved ones now.  

Contact us about our Visionary Neruocoaching For Parents, Introductory Session.