Elly Molina

A leading expert in children's mind power, psychic & intuitive development

We are all born with amazing psychic and intuitive abilities. Unfortunately, we unlearn so many of these remarkable gifts. When we learn to utilize them from early on we gain access to a higher consciousness, higher degree of emotional intelligence, and realize how we are literally all connected to one another and everything on the planet. At Psi-kids we enhance, teach, and continue to reinforce these natural abilities while developing towards our full Human Potential!

Elly is the author of the Amazon Bestseller: Children Who Know How To Know:

“This book is full of dynamic golden nuggets of Wisdom!
I love how Elly talks so clearly about all the different ways the brain works, she gives you a precise breakdown of the very nature of the Mind from a scientific perspective.
She talks about how the brain develops from the infant stage into the next stages and how to be the master of it, using it as a tool to reach your higher good and your highest potential. I learned even more intricately how your thoughts and words have to match and that those two energies really matter in order to create the Reality you desire!
Elly consistently teaches us how to trust, enhance, and develop our Intuition, enlightening us that it is our intuition that guides us to our highest destiny and peace.
I loved this book! Thank You Elly!” - Verified Reviewer Amazon

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As a parent, educator and lifelong learner, I have come to see the value and importance of altering the conversations in our homes and schools from what is not possible to what is possible for all human beings on our planet.  By learning how to access and develop intuition in children we will learn to teach children how to develop an Intuitive Heart, which is solely about love. With love as their guide only success awaits them.

Elly Molina

Travis Taylor at the Divine Insight Show is such a wonderful host. I loved being on his show. You can listen to it here as we talk about Children Who Know How to Know and much more: 



Interview with Aura Imbarus creator of See Beyond Magazine :

For Experts' Corner --See Beyond Magazine. Live. Love. Inspire. -- Elly Molina.

"The Power to Create" is in all of us. Use your intuition, follow your own internal GPS, start as soon as possible, for there is no better time than NOW!!! We are all intuitive, but some of us never really opened that God given gift.

So, unwrap your gift and take charge of your life! 

We all heard many times to listen to our intuition, but how should we listen to it? See Beyond Magazine (www.seebeyondmag.com) is introducing on Experts' Corner Elly Molina, internationally recognized intuitive, educator, and best selling author.



Listen to Elly's Interview about her work and forthcoming book: Children Who Know How to Know:  (now available where ever books are sold)

Telepathic Exercise: Check out the details!

Telepathic Exercise: Check out the details!



Annabelle and The Domino

Written by Elly Molina

Annabelle and the Domino is the delightful story of a young girl willing to explore the potential of her mind. The story is inspired by the author's experiences while teaching in the Pacific Northwest.

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Elly Molina is an accomplished Educator, Author, Visionary and Speaker

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