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As a parent, educator and lifelong learner, I have come to see the value and importance of altering the conversations in our homes and schools from what is not possible to what is possible for all human beings on our planet.  By learning how to access and develop intuition in children we will learn to teach children how to develop an Intuitive Heart, which is solely about love. With love as their guide only success awaits them.

Elly Molina

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Listen to Elly's Interview about her work and forthcoming book: Children Who Know How to Know: 

       Elly Molina  

       Elly Molina




Annabelle and The Domino

Written by Elly Molina

Annabelle and the Domino is the delightful story of a young girl willing to explore the potential of her mind. The story is inspired by the author's experiences while teaching in the Pacific Northwest.

About Elly

Elly Molina is an accomplished Educator, Intuitive, Speaker and Author.

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Children's Workshops

Find out about the Children’s Workshops, how they benefit children and how to schedule one in your area.

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